Christa Byrd Horses

Now offering horse boarding in South Langley

Indoor round pen

Outdoor riding area 


8-stall barn 

full/self and semi board available 


Outriding Services 

 3-4 years experience

Standardbred and Thoroughbred Racing

Alberta Downs

Fraser Downs

Hastings Park 


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Christa's 2013 competition results:

August 27,28,29th PNE Battle of the Breeds Team Thoroughbred riding Bailey

Dressage -Team thoroughbred was 1st

Trail- Team Thoroughbred  was 2nd

Jumping- Team Thoroughbred was 3rd

Barrel racing- Team thoroughbred was 2nd

Over- all Reserve Champions of the Battle of the Breeds at the PNE (Vancouver)

June 30th Langley Riders- Walk/trot division riding Sparrow

English Pleasure -1st

English Equitation- 1st 

June 21st Barrel Daze CBR  

Novice Division riding Bailey 3rd in 1D  18.764

June 11th Barrel Daze CBR

Novice Division riding Bailey- 2nd in 2D 19.638 

May 14th Barrel Daze CBR

Novice division riding Bailey -1st in 3D 19.495 won $41.86 

Novice Division Riding Dundee - 4th in 4D 28.537 k

May 12th Standardbred Gamesday- Open Division riding Bailey

barrel picking - 1st

barrel racing- 1st

keyhole- 2nd

egg stomp- 3rd

water race- 4th

pole bending- 4th 

April 28th Langley Riders English Hack Classes- Riding "Spirit" at her first show

English pleasure-4th (out of 8-10)


Road Hack- 4th

Hunter Under Saddle- 6th

Disiplined Rail- 5th 

 Above is Christa and BC Leo Super Charger


 Pic from 2011 I took of my filly Lucy out of my mare Bailey and the stallion The Huntsman.